What will it take?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re one of those people who is able to find the time and motivation to do everything you want in life (and then some more), then this might not really apply to you.
If not, I have one question for you – what will it take?

What will it take for you to sit down and start doing things you’d “really like to do someday”?
What will it take for you to accept and understand that the clock is ticking?
What will it take for you to recognize, every instant of every day, that Time is never an ally? It is that shadow that is slowly creeping over you, constantly pushing you into a corner.

The signs are all around for you to see.
Those gym shoes that are ignored day after day, the musical instrument that you’ve always wanted to go back to, the book that’s not going to write itself, those paintbrushes that now seem to find solace in each other, not to mention your passion – which has probably given up by now, worn out by having to remind you about its existence every few days. That new bicycle which got used for all of 2 days, now sporting tyres as deflated as the intent and purpose that made you get it in the first place.  Little indicators of failed effort that soon blend into the bleak landscape of routine, becoming completely invisible to the eye that is now trained to see only excuses, not motivation.

Nothing can or will happen overnight. Consistent and repeated effort will of course yields results – we all know that. Solving the little problems is what will help you address the big problem. But what is that spark that will light the fire, the fodder that will keep it burning? It takes a lot of things ‘coming together’ to create ideal conditions for one to do something. Waiting for that day when everything will be just perfect for you to do that something you’ve been wanting to do is, well, beyond foolishness. What one can do however, is work towards making the end result happen, by putting in what I like to call ‘distributed effort’.

Result takes effort. But the effort need not (or even cannot), in most cases be one sudden Herculean burst of vigour. It happens over days, months and years. All of it adds up, trickling into your ‘effort bank’, which will someday pay rich dividends when the time comes to encash it. Directed effort automatically qualifies you to get lucky. Your quota of luck often tends to mirror the contents of your effort bank, so it might be a good idea to ensure you’re not just drawing from them, but also investing systematically and diligently. Measures of fulfillment will quickly move away from material possessions to things you’ve done, experiences.

How long can you keep putting away happiness?
There are very few instances when the windows of ‘want’ and ‘can’ align, creating an opportunity for those who’re prepared for it. Even if you aren’t, there’s nothing stopping you from taking the leap – for all you know, you’ll be better prepared the next time.

Is there really a ‘promised land’ of tomorrow that you can put everything off to? Tomorrow is that mystical illusion that keeps slipping farther away with each passing day.

But then, do you even have a tomorrow? Would you know?


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